06 December 2010


'the creation of a thousand forests
is in one acorn.'
~ ralph waldo emerson

i treated this beautiful little acorn from leann weih as i do the acorns i pick up from the ground - as i did as a child, as my children now do for me as well - with reverence... treating each one as a treasure... so it was that i struggled with giving this acorn a home i deemed worthy of it... 

acorns represent inner strength, potential... like your thoughts... if one acorn could be at the heart of a forest, couldn't one thought, one dream, put out into the universe be at the heart of your lifetime? with energy and proper care - you can cause your dreams to germinate into reality... 

the components i now make are like acorns for me... each one holding the potential to grow and become something strong... to perhaps shelter and support someone in that fragile strength kind of a way... 


  1. this is awe inspiring..loving the assymetry. wonderful quote..so perfect.. all of it. your are on a magical creative safari.. each piece is better than the last..

  2. What a wonderful way to think of your work. I love what you did with the acorn and how you felt about it. Just yesterday as I was sorting through things in my work space I cam across the acorn from last year that was the inspiration for making acorns. Serandipity.

  3. Lovely my dear...we must have had a little synchronicity going this week...I did a hammered sterling disk with a pretty green drop inside :)

  4. there is a seed within us all. potential abounds in every single one of us. this is a poignant post. i love acorns as well and this reminds me that i have leann's acorns squirreled away in my stash (how do you like that pun intended?). must not hoard for winter. and i love seeing those components ready for action. can't wait to see what they (and you) become.
    enjoy the day.

  5. Leann is awesome and what you did with her pieces is simply blissful. I love how you think.

  6. You have the ability to look at even the smallest thing...things that most take for granted..and find the power of the Universe within it.

    I can tell you, from experience, that energy stays with your work as the recipient wears it.

  7. This is so exquisite and powerful!

  8. Very lovely and inspiring post today. Your acorn has given birth to a beautiful necklace. Happy creating...

  9. Oh, what a beautiful necklace MJ...the acorn is beautiful. Your combination of elements are perfect together!

  10. so true..so true. I love the quote and your interpretation of Emerson's words. Inspiring.


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