16 November 2010

modern relic

the word 'relic' has to do with something that has survived... 

that makes us relics in our own way... surviving and learning by being open... 

underneath all of the patina, this ring has a very clean and modern edge to it... i was tempted to leave it alone - but it couldn't tell the story that way... 

i think that it displays the purity and tenacity of the human spirit... the depth of experiences gained to become who you now are... 

'do what you love.
know your own bone;
gnaw at it, bury it, unearth it,
and gnaw at it still.'
~ henry david thoreau


  1. Yes...how true! Glory in experience...it shows the depth of your spirit:) I love your Thoreau quote!!!

  2. Here's the eye candy I've been waiting for! Makes me want to fall into the rabbit hole and see where it takes me ...

  3. Yes, relic - and it also looks something of a reliquary. And yes, our experiences make us who we are, at least in part.

  4. I like the word relic. It reminds me of the word "relish", which I would do if I owned this ring. It's a great design, and I know you're going to find numerous ways to expand it even more.

    *Great* quote! I have noted that one for future use. :-) Have a wonderful day!

  5. I love the quote! Not sure If I like the fact that I am a relic...lol. You sure have your ring MoJo on, great piece!

  6. Beautiful MJ, love the ring. It reflects you in so many ways. Lovely, structured, poetic! I'm gnawing away, getting to know my bones! Hugs, Riki

  7. I understand your thoughts on this piece....but I want it closed. I want a perfect round stone to fill the hole and close the secrets within..funny huh!

  8. I often feel like a relic. And I am round and smooth on the edges. Nice to know I have earned my experiences. :o) Your art is so unique and amazing...

  9. What a great word to ponder - relic. Your ring is gorgeous, Mary Jane. It sure has the look of something special, old and mysterious.

  10. This piece has the air of an old mysterious find...forgotten and now found. Love it!! Love your patinas.


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