12 November 2010

not so crazy after all -

crazy heart finished - 

if the crazy heart believes that even through life's challenges and difficulties that beauty prevails... if it knows that the light outshines the dark... is it so crazy after all?

nope - 

and the soft jingling noise will remind you of it... 

'the clearest way to the universe 
is through a forest wilderness.'
~ john muir

forest floor ring is now listed in the mymompattie etsy shop... 


  1. Beautiful, beautiful crazy hearts! These so resonate with me. And I believe I can hear them tinkle...

  2. I love the direction your work has taken!! Wonderful pieces. I love a crazy heart!!

  3. beautiful! i love your word prompts and quotes..they really resonate...

  4. We all need a little crazy now and then...some more than others. Great earrings and LOVE the ring!

  5. Great work, as always. Love the video of the spirit rattle ring ... just the sound of the rattle ... no words ... perfect!

  6. Lovely~quite taken with your earrings. The little copper "paddles" & the organic patina on the disks. Lovely!

  7. Beautiful MJ! The ring turned out so great. Love the quotes, so inspiring. Thanks again for all your wonderful support recently. You are the best. Hugs, Riki

  8. This is beautiful, I love what you thought of doing with the ceramic connector!

  9. MJ, your Crazy Heart earrings have got to be my favorite! I do believe I have always had one!
    Loved how the ring turned out too....very unique~love the color of the disk ♥


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