26 December 2010

the dryer is ready -

i know that for so many of you, it has been storming, snowing and other kinds of winter-y things... but when you live on the eastern seaboard, threats promises of snow often fall flat... the warmer ocean water keeps the storms from really producing... we get nor'easters - powerful wind and rain storms, but less frequently are snow storms... not this time it seems - we are in for a blizzard... we may be getting gusts of up to 60mph... and i am so glad that em got her treatment in philly last thursday, because who knows what the weather will bring... 

naturally i had little food in the house... so, the day after xmas at 8am emily and i headed to wegmans - barely anyone else on the roads... within a half hour, it was packed... and the poor store was terribly understaffed; i mean, on a normal day, i doubt there is a big rush for the grocery store on the 26th... so we have the makings for chicken parm (regular and vegetarian), hot chocolate and i don't know what else... i love to see the beach with snow on it - but they are calling for white-out conditions and my 4wd suburban was sliding in my driveway, so we may not be venturing out... i know this sounds so wimpy to those of you who live in conditions like this all winter - and truthfully, i am curious how often businesses shut down if you have a blizzard... is it such a big deal? it is, right? as going somewhere at this point is optional and not required, i think we are staying put... 

** i need to clarify - this tiny dusting is my before pic -
in 3 hours we are at over 6" and it is still snowing hard... i realize how silly this post seems if you are thinking that i am talking about this much snow... i am projecting into the amounts they are calling for *** 

it begins... phone calls are starting and kids are coming to my house to hang out - good thing i went to the store... there will be huge nerf gun battles... 

santa brought hats... thank goodness...

and this is my new 'favorite' - a paper mache bust from maureen thomas... it really makes photographing necklaces a pleasure and i love how you can choose the texture and details regarding the neck and shoulders... 

i feel so badly for all of those holiday travelers whose plans have been affected by weather -who have had flights cancelled in the us and europe this year... hoping your holiday weekend has been filled with all of the things that make you happy... and that in addition to love, you have warmth and food in your belly... 


  1. Hope your day is warm and filled with good company and someone else cooks the food as well as you. Hope your weather does not isolate you as the rain has marooned us.

  2. we had the nerf battles last night at my sister's house..enjoy the snow.. I don't think we are going to get much..maybe an inch or two...stay warm! xo

  3. If I didn't love you so much, your pic of the snow after that build up would have given me a good belly laugh, Ha.

    Then of course, I thought again and knew that you must be in one of those areas where just a couple inches of snow stops the world.

    In Northern Indiana on the east side of Lake Michigan businesses don't close much. It would take about a foot of snow. We haven't had a REAL Blizzard since '78. 3' of snow shut everything down from Friday to Tuesday and left now place to pile the snow. A once in 100 year storm.

    Stay warm and stay in. Board games and card games are the answer.
    xx, Carol

  4. I about fell out of my chair this morning when the "blizzard" started, and I know what you mean about the eastern seaboard. This is awesome, and lucky for us we've got enough milk and leftovers for a few days at least!

  5. I think most of the US is getting hit by snow. We were suppose to have a family gathering at my sisters in Connecticut but unfortunetly it was cancelled because of the impending snow. We did make it to her house as we had planned to stay a few days, nothing was keeping me away.

    I am glad to hear you all had a nice Christmas!

  6. Hope you had a nice holiday..
    with any bad weather conditions it's better to stay home and not add to the traffic which is especially true if you area is not accustomed to the snow, ice, rain etc.

  7. as someone that live is a place the experiences multiple blizzards a month... nope, things don't shut down. we have had a record breaking 50inches of snow this decemeber and there hasn't been a single snow day. just a cancelation of afternoon activities at the high school once. lol. i love me a good blizzard, and i always hope it snows us in for awhile. *sigh* alas, we are just too used to it

    i hope you have a wonderful blissardy day!! and venture to the beach tomorrow!!

  8. Good that you were able to get some food. If you don't need to go anywhere, just stay home and stay safe.

  9. Stay warm and cozy, Maire! I am thinking of you! Enjoy the day.

  10. We had snow for two days, and it changed our driving plans but that's ok, we're going tomorrow! I love snow.

    I love the bust -- thanks for the link, will have to check that out! The texture of the jersey fabric on the one I have always does weird things when I photograph it.

    I'm so glad you had a good holiday!


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