27 December 2010

excuse me, have you seen a honda civic?

it was in my drive only last night... 

em checking the snow fall amounts before she went to bed - she keeps a bowl outside because she likes to eat it... 

this morning? 30" not counting the drifting! 

no car, it was parked behind the suburban - (photo taken from an upstairs window)

no bowl -

stay warm!


  1. I am used to this living in Upstate NY, I would rather deal with a blizzard over a hurricane or flood any day. Snow has such a bad reputation, you know its coming, you stay home, and drink hot chocolate. Then when the snow melts you still have an intact house. Have fun it looks beautiful.

  2. I remember winter in South Jersey...the snow would come floating down as if in a dream, and then the silence...the silence and the pristine snow makes the world look new again. Stay bundled up and don't forget the marshmallows in your cocoa!

  3. wow that's some snow fall..brrrr..but beautiful

  4. Wow, stay warm. Hope that white stuff is gone soon! And I hope you guys all found a way to celebrate even with not getting out?? Hugs,Riki

  5. brrrrrr! i hope that you have all the warmth you need inside your home (isn't it great to have one?) with your family and all the cozy cats and the things that you love.
    enjoy the day!

  6. I'm in Upstate, NY too! I know that you are used to it, but I've been around it for 50 years now. I must say, I love to look at it from inside my warm house. I don't find it too enjoyable to drive in though mainly because of the jerks on the road that act like all is normal and go speeding by you on a sheet of ice!!!

  7. Now here is the secret . The Blizzard of '10. The kids will be talking about it 20 years from now, unless a bigger one comes along.

  8. Oh my goodness! And I have been whining about 4 inches here and 3 inches there...
    Honey, if you can't see your car - you don't need it...


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