27 December 2010

the time comes to fly...

this beautiful wing by barbara bechtel of floridity was gifted to me by a dear friend... 

'you were born with potential
you were born with goodness and trust
you were born with ideals and dreams
you were born with greatness
you were born with wings
you are not meant for crawling so don’t
you have wings… learn to use them and fly!'


  1. You deserve this and many wonderful things -- here's to a marvelous new year!

  2. are you believing it yet? those words, that wing, they were meant for you. fly on, dear friend!
    enjoy the day!

  3. You must keep this one close dear friend.
    Your friend knows your heart well.
    xx, Carol

  4. This is a miracle message and we should all realize we are born with wings to soar. Thank you for sharing and your wings are beautiful and very special. Happy week to you...

  5. a wonderful sentiment MJ and a lovely way to present it too....Happy New Year! xo

  6. What a wonderful gift for a wonderful angel! Riki xoxo

  7. You are already in the air. Beautiful gift!

  8. beautiful gift!
    I cannot believe how much snow you have! I'm jealous. We haven't had ANY snow in months. boo. Looks like you're really enjoying it... ahh.. so cozy!

  9. What a beautiful post - I love you wings. And the words made my heart smile!! Happy new year!!! Big hug!!!

  10. Such a lovely gift...the poem by Rumi is you, everyword! You fly!


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