01 January 2011

the practice of openness...

as the sun set on 2010 i thought of how grateful i was for the opportunities and balance it brought... it was as difficult as it was wonderful... it was beautiful... 

i am not a resolution maker... but a friend made the fine distinction of being resolute (which i very much appreciated)... while reading new year's posts last year i noticed that some people were choosing words - i rather liked that... and so mine was 'nascent' - coming into existence; emerging... it felt right all year and still does - emerging doesn't stop - but i do feel like i got a real toe hold on who i am and what i am doing... 

so many posts were meaningful to me last year - but i have to admit that one was unforgettable... by beth hemmila  & called 'open or closed heart?' , it stuck with me all year... and it is something that i must be mindful of each and every day... 

by nan emmett of spirited earth

so my focus is upon being open... keeping an open heart... being open to opportunity... we look to a new year for a new start... but really, each day, each moment, presents this... 

'follow your bliss and the universe will open doors 
where there were only walls.'
~ joseph campbell

'only through the heart 
can you touch the sky.'
~ rumi


  1. i remember Beth's post and how thought provoking it was. i like fresh beginnings..and although ones slate is rarely wiped clean there is something wonderful in considering the possibility of creating anew.
    nascent is a good word choice..

  2. "Open Heart"...amen! That phrase can make all the difference. Happy 2011 to you~~you bless us all greatly!

  3. follow your bliss and the doors will open....oh so true! Not many people are brave enough to do so, but with patience and perseverance you shall find your bliss. Your bliss is evident in your work and words. MJ, you are my daily inspiration, I wish only the best for you, happy 2011!

  4. I wish you a New Year filled with joy, success and fulfillment :)

  5. happy new year MJ..i'm not one for making proclamations or resolutions either though focusing on being more open is kind of a constant for me too. Glad we are friends too ;)

  6. I love your word! Nascent- a process of emerging- I adore the idea of that. Such a beautiful post with a thought provoking prose- that is one of the things I love most about your blog.

    Happy New Year- I am eagerly looking forward to being here with you as you begin your "nascent" into this New Year. This past year was a wonderful ride--

  7. I love your spirit, I truly do. This year will have GREAT things in store for you, I believe!

  8. Your words are always so wise and really make me stop and think. I like that. I feel your open heart will inspire even more in everything you share. I am ready for an emerging 2011. thank you mariedodd

  9. I love that Joseph Campbell quote... happy inspirational and creative new year to you!

  10. Opening your heart can be one of the most difficult things to be conscience of. Certainly something for me to think about as I start a new work year with a new superviory position. This post was just what I needed today!!

  11. Great post. I love beth's blog as I do yours. Always lovely thought provoking words.
    And I also love Joseph Campbell...I was just talking to my boys about him.
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful new year.

  12. May the universe open many doors for you this year - that your heart may fly to new heights.

  13. I love that quote by Joseph Campbell - thanks for sharing it! Happy New Year to you, Mary Jane...I just know many wonderful things are in store for you.

  14. Being open- I love that and will be my motto for 2011. All the best for the new year!


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