07 January 2011


i struggle and i emerge

the face of the lotus open to the sky...

a friend and i were discussing words... i had mentioned that i was focusing upon 'open'... in a mindful, practicing way... she mentioned 'release'... and the synergy of the two struck me powerfully... in fact, i have been thinking upon it for a couple of days... 

yes, i can work to be open... but if you are able to release as well (i have been doing an internal debate of the 'which came first' sort - but have come to the conclusion that they are intertwined) the experience is exponentially heightened... think of all of the emotional and psychological space you free up for something positive... 

if you can release yourself from fear, from hurt, from anger... release things that you may not even realize reside in your Self, then you can be open to an almost transcendent degree... what if you could imagine each thing, put it in a balloon and let it go? really and truly let it go?

imagine the expansiveness you would experience... 

can you put one thing in a balloon today and let the string go? i know i am going to try... 

and thank you, dear friend, for your sharing of your self... and for helping me to grow...


  1. what amazing imagery that is... putting that one thing that is weighing you down in a balloon and letting the string go........
    i see that and it is so powerful.
    thank you for sharing this special insight today. i am going to ponder how that might help me.
    enjoy the day.

  2. I think I need to go find a balloon...

  3. I usually envision casting mine into the ocean and watch the waves carry it away. (I am tied so much to the big waters). Too bad more people don't practice this kind of meditation.

    Have a great weekend and keep warm!!
    xx, Carol

  4. this is a lovely image.. letting the unwanted simply float away.

  5. Releasing at least one thing today is very powerful as is your post. Being open is truly trusting in something greater than ourselves. You have opened my mind to deeper thinking. Thank you...

  6. YOu're right MJ, that is an important and inspiring word. Something so easy to say, and so hard to do. Sending hugs my friend. Riki

  7. When my five year old nephew passed away from a lingering, uncurable disease, we desired to honor him as he was in life...full of humor, strength, and determination to live fully each day.

    We each wrote a word that held fond memories of Joshua, one descriptive word, and put each word into balloons, which we released at his memorial service. Needless to say, over 100 colorful balloons covered the blue sky as our special Joshua words flew to heaven to greet him. It was a release of love, grief, and the knowledge that we would meet again.

    I think we all need that release from pain, grief, and mortality in order to open ourselves to love and positive new journeys.

  8. Thank you for sharing your words. They made me think of all things stealing energy!!! Gosh, that´s a lot.... Bless you!!


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