08 January 2011

mini giveaway

just a notice that there is a mini giveaway going on at the love my art jewelry blog... this month's call is vibrant and reminds me of a quote by georgia o'keeffe:

'i found i could say things with color and shapes
 that i couldn't say any other way -
things i had no words for.'

meanwhile i am finishing up on some personal deadlines but having trouble concentrating because my mind is filled with the ideas of joseph campbell... there will be more on this... 


  1. very georgia o'keefe indeed! hope you are doing ok...

  2. What beautiful colors in the mini give away beads! Good luck on those deadlines. I know myself that I am a horrible procrastinator, I get distracted easily. :-)

  3. Hmmm, I love Georgia O'Keeffe's paintings...


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