19 December 2010

tree hunting

'to many people holidays are not voyages of discovery, 
but a ritual of reassurance.'
~ philip andrew adams

today was very much that for me... setting the kids loose looking for the 'perfect' tree... 

14 yr. old photo face - he is really the biggest goofball...

the first 3 pics were taken by em on her itouch with the hipstamatic app... 

hope you enjoyed your weekend... 


  1. Lovely. The holidays are very much a ritual of reassurance for me. That feeling of being connected to the past and the future. This year is different though as we embrace my son's new family and we embark on a voyage of discovery of these 2 new people and how much we love them in an ever expanding way. Happy holidays!

  2. Wonderful portraits...looks a little cold though.

  3. wonderful photos of the family..
    looks like it was a fun day.

  4. Em has the face of an angel! But do tell - did you find the perfect tree?

  5. I KNOW you are going to share a picture taken later, when the perfect tree is dressed.

    Merry Christmas Maire, to you and to your family.

  6. Cant wait to see the tree you picked!

  7. I think I want an iPod just so I can get that Hipstamatic app. So cool! We don't do real trees any more (insert pouty face) but my fake one looks pretty darn real and the scent wafting from my plug in scentomatic thingy really smells like the real thing!
    Enjoy the day!


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