18 December 2010

warm heart

i began the day sharing my thoughts on life being a beautiful struggle, bittersweet on the love my art jewelry blog ... 

as the hours passed, my heart swelled almost to bursting by some of the beautiful that came into this day... i am so grateful... 

one of the things i received was this candle holder made by my daughter in her ceramics class - it is a forest of about 60 trees... the thought and time she put into this staggered me... how well she knows her mama, the things that bring me peace... when the kids were younger, we would often read 'stopping by woods on a snowy evening'... and one of our favorite places is deep into a forest trail... 

'the woods are lovely, dark and deep.
but i have promises to keep,
and miles to go before i sleep.'
~ robert frost

the most heartfelt thanks to those who lifted me up today... xo


  1. The handmade thoughtful gifts truly are the best. Your daughter really loves you. May you enjoy the trees forever...

  2. such a beautiful gift made with such love....how very special.

  3. I have chills just seeing that! Wonderful job, Miss Em! I love the way the light peeks through the trunks. How the trunks are circling the warmth, the light as if they have their branches draped across each other warding off the coming gloom but sheltering the bright light within. Thank you for lifting me up with this!
    Enjoy the day!

  4. what a thoughtful and precious treasure your daughter has created for you..the most valuable and loved art are the ones handcrafted by our babes...

  5. What a lovely gift!!! Double bonus---handmade by your daughter and reminds you of lovely times past~~ Big smile~

  6. How well Em knows you! Such a gift from the heart.

  7. That's so gorgeous! What a talented family you are!!!!!

  8. that is the bestest and beautifulist and sweetist
    gift , as a lover of maples I would swoon for that piece.. you are a lucky mom


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