21 February 2011


a woman who lives in my town is 'making it' - dedicated to her craft she has put in time and effort to be able to share her expression... i do not know her but i am so very happy for her... we know how hard it is to become a working artist... this song was free on itunes last week... i wanted to share her soulful voice with you - and show you where i live... 'my' bay - the water and sand and trees that have fed me for over 4 decades...  and have apparently fed her as well... 

her haunting music brought me to a place of deep calm - 

'ahimsa' - a sanskrit term that means non -violence... the practice of kindness and doing no harm... a principle strongly supported by gandhi who stressed the unity of all living things...

'in a gentle way,
you can shake the world.'
~ gandhi


  1. Great music. I love a female singer with a haunting voice. Evanescense is one of my favorites.

    I love your metalwork.

  2. Beautiful, both the song and the jewelry. Have a wonderful week.

  3. strong powerful soulful - music with a message - jewellery with heart.

    but what happens to most of these great pieces after you have made them?

  4. Your jewelry is very powerful and I am certain it comes from deep within you, and it is truly amazing!

  5. A wonderful piece - and a wonderful message. I do so admire your ability to create such pieces.

  6. Your pendant makes me want to breathe deeply. It is beautiful.

  7. There certainly must be a creativity wellspring in your neighborhood, MJ. Love her music and yes, it is haunting.

  8. soon you too will "make it" on your art :)

  9. Mary Jane, thanks for sharing an artist from your local area. You're "making it" too! The sky's the limit...


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