23 February 2011

beautiful and btw

an image that moved me

a book i fell asleep with in my arms after finishing the last page

and, remembering that it is wednesday, btw -

'we are star-stuff.'
~ dr. carl sagan


  1. ahhh. the color purple. i am sure that i read that oh so long ago. and the movie never fails to make my heart swell. i so want to see the broadway adaptation of this. when it opened, fantasia was in the lead. that would have been so cool to see, had i lived anywhere near nyc... love the potential of your btw.
    enjoy the day.

  2. Your post today is sweet as can be..Thank you for sharing it.Warmest Regards,Cat

  3. Carl Sagan is cool. Great quote!

    And great book too. I read it ages ago. Have not seen the film though.

  4. I could just kiss those soft shaved heads, what a precious picture.

    Looks like you have something wonderful in the works!

  5. You are bearing your soul here, and it is wonderful to see the pureness of it. Thank you for sharing.....you are always an inspiration.

  6. The picture brings back thoughts of "Seven Years in Tibet", one of my all time favorite movies.

    And a Carl Sagan quote! We used to faithfully watch his show. Terry still says ..beeellion of years ago...when I ask about time.

  7. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your soul and the purity of your heart today.
    The 'star-stuff' looks to being gorgeous...

  8. that is just a wonderful photo!
    Ironically, we just watched the original movie version of The color Purple last weekend...Wow.

    As always, your work is amazing...I so look foward to seeing it!

  9. hi MaryJane
    i went to a workshop today and they showed us this 'lost generation poem' on youtube

    i found it so powerful.
    what do you think?

  10. Thanks for sharing the top photo - now that is a smile of pure joy!
    Can't wait to see what you have in store with your BTW components. :-)

  11. I love that first photo, too. And I haven't read "The Color Purple" but the movie I've seen two or three times and it's amazing, isn't it? On so many levels.


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