26 February 2011

everything dances

'everything has rhythm.
everything dances.'
~ maya angelou


wind, water, clouds

two hearts


  1. love these pieces..and your photos are beautiful
    is that your big cat?

  2. What a great photo of Nick! That cat looks so much like my cat, Gizmo. He's a Maine Coon Cat that's as big as a dog!

  3. we are so alike...movement, texture, layers, substance.. woven together..

    love your photo of your kitty and your baby..a sweet memories moment.

  4. it is magic when i see what you do to the metal. all the bending and forming and hammering and patina-ing. that picture of the road is incredible inspiration. the colors, the lines, i see a necklace from this... hmmm... makes me have a thought.
    enjoy the day, dear one!

  5. They are both wonderful pieces but the pendant is exquisite, it seems to move in rhythm with the photo above it....really beautiful in every way. Awesome photo on the beach too!

  6. Just wondering where this new "wrinkle" will take you.

    Did you notice that the picture of the dark sky and the pictures of you work are the same color scheme.

    Great pic of Nick and the unbelievable cat that acts like a dog.
    xx, Carol

  7. Extraordinary earrings gal!!~~As usual, you make your work sing with meanings and depths.

  8. Love the photo of the storm clouds over the river...
    The form folding is adding a new layer of depth to your work.

  9. MD-great to visit and see how we share a love of the metal, stamping etc. Read an earlier post of yours (poof) sounds like a hard year but love that you finished those earrings to carry the energy for your aunt etc. Go well and continue to create great stuff. B

  10. Gorgeous words. Gorgeous images. Rhythm and dance indeed.

  11. Great photos! I'm drooling over the top pair of earrings.

  12. Beautiful...love the earrings and your words, too...


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