01 March 2011

RAW - marker

'no one saves us but ourselves.
no one can and no one may.
we ourselves must walk the path.'
~ buddha

there are (often) times along the path when the terrain becomes rugged or confusing... challenging us fully to stay true... if we keep moving forward, we get past it... 

leave a stone on top of a fence post or on the slope of the mountain, to remember where you have been, the lessons you learned...


  1. wise words and a beautiful ring. I like the contrast of the bright bead, like a beacon. The fold forming you've been doing is lovely.

  2. Oh here I go! I see a little companion popping his head out of the fold form. A guardian perhaps, or a spirit tagging along to remind you to have fun.

    Its a great ring. If you don't see the whimsey, well, I sure do!

  3. Wonderfully cool ring! Of course you would make something very different~

  4. A sign along the path - that is so wonderful!

  5. HI MJ, haven't stopped by anyone for a long time. Your bracelet is beautiful. Hope you are well my friend. Hugs, Riki

  6. The ring reminds me of unfolding, a kind of becoming and the contrasts between light and dark, contrasts, differences working together to make something beautiful -- and it surely is!

  7. Oh my that ring, wow! I love it, it speaks to me in a primal "you MUST have me" kinda way!


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