03 March 2011

february 31st - yeah, that's the ticket!

{please tell me that someone remembers jon lovitz as 'tommy the liar' on snl...}

i am a (very) proud member of the earthenwood studio design team... the talented melanie brooks sends us beautiful pieces to work with each month... i get ideas, and then want to alter them - and as anything with metal requires patina and sealing, i sometimes end up adding days to a project... 

so here is my february project - 'liebe ist fΓΌr alle da'... i have been using this phrase for a number of reasons... but it has to do with love being available to everyone... 

her very dark brown metallic-y finished pieces are really incredible... and the delicacy on the ivory link with the heart is a great contrast... 

i used old padre beads from the 1800s... they have a history and life of their own... like our hearts - touched by many... i wanted to pick up on the linear pattern of the  link on the right by wrapping suede with silk fiber... still rustic and 'rugged', but feminine... 

if you would like to see more of melanie's work, please follow this link ... 

and thank you melanie, for sharing your beautiful work and for your patience!


  1. That's a gorgeous necklace, MJ! I love your banner too!

  2. Hi Maire
    Your design and beads compliment Melanie's well. I like the fiberwork combined with the Padre Beads too.

    Another unique design.

  3. wow.. truly a work of art..love the mix...

    dont really remember jon lovitz but sure am old enough too

  4. Beautiful, Marie! And, of course I remember Jon Lovitz as the liar!

  5. Have I told you this necklace is fabulous? No? Well, it is!
    And the message on it - is soooo very true!

  6. LOL! I do remember that... Very funny guy!

    Your jewelry is true art! Very earthy, feminine and inspiring to the rest of us! Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us.

    Blessings to you, dear friend.

  7. yeah...that's right! i remember.

    beautiful necklace too!

  8. Necklace is extraordinary~~! Love the process behind it. :-)

  9. What a lovely necklace! I love how you managed to bring all the disparate elements together. Also, your photography is top-notch! :)

  10. I especially love the padre beads...I have a pretty big collection too and now have an idea of what to do with them!


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