14 March 2011

feeling helpless but not hopeless

pray for japan - mika collins of pinocean

'hope is faith holding out its hand in the dark.'
~ georges iles

stunned and filled with sorrow over the devastation in japan - hoping that the nuclear power plants will not double the tragedy... 

she is the first person i thought of, the first person i reached out to when the earthquake hit... you see, i am blessed to call mika my friend - we met a couple of years ago on etsy... how? i don't remember... there are so very many sellers, but somehow i found her... i take her along on my 'rides' in designing... 

her work is beautiful, soft and delicate... her beads can be so very small and perfect... she is often my 'go to' when i have 'fragile strength' on the mind... 

she learned how to make glass in japan... and once told me that glass beads are called 'tonbo-dama' or dragonfly ball in japanese... 

over the next couple of weeks, i am going to make earrings with mika's beads - and sell them to raise money to give to a charitable organization (haven't done the research yet on that)... 

we mourn, we wait, we hope - may the strength and beauty of the human spirit rise to this challenge...


  1. Its hard not to watch...as it is hard to watch. We wonder what this earth is lamenting.
    Helpless and hopeful...yes.
    Sorrowful to watch yet another nation struggle to return from an abyss.

  2. Hi Marie,it's so hard to watch everything unfold,but i agree it's also hard not to watch i have close family & friends with loved ones right in the middle of the quake, so far the are safe but things are so fragile, i too wish i could think of some way to raise money if all of us got together and donated part of our sales or idk something but i am so skeptical about sending money after Katrina i worry does the money really go where they say does it help the people who really need it i am so upset and confused i want to help i just don't know how if u come up with something count me in k take care ttfn :)

  3. The entire episode frightens me beyond my own comprehension.

  4. The graceful strength of the Japanese people in the face of adversity is astounding and brings a new respect and appreciation of their culture. They are to be looked upon as examples of what a society should emulate in a time of crisis. God keep them safe and help us tend to their needs.

  5. it is a sad and devastating time. what you are doing is wonderful. i will be sure to help with your cause. will you be selling the earrings on etsy?


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