17 March 2011

what happens when you pay attention?

'i'm looking for the unexpected.
i'm looking for things i've never seen before.'
~ robert mapplethorpe

* the irony being that one should really drive away enlightened about how critical it is to eliminate our dependence upon fossil fuels


  1. It doesn't cost you a thing does it?

  2. Wow, Enlightenment and gas with just one stop! Who knew?

  3. Makes you wonder how many people have missed that by not really looking!

  4. i think that i have rarely been enlightened at the pump! i will have to start looking closer for messages of hope and power!
    enjoy the day!

  5. I always read my receipt. I don't always keep it, and sometimes I can't find it when I want it. But I always read the message at the bottom of it which is usually a web site to go to fill out a survey for a change to win the elusive $1000 gift card.

    Have an enlightened day. How funny. Enlightened when you realize how few gallons of gas you get for that amount of money. Well, they made a valent effort to cheer you. Did it work? !lol!

  6. Have an Enlightened Day is most interesting for a gas station to put on their receipts. It is amazing what we see when we pay attention and look closely. Happy Spring and Birds Who Sing...

  7. Really an unusual message to be had at a gas station... but the universe sends messages in the most unusual ways...

  8. Maybe the fumes finally made an impression... :0

  9. LOL..this is wonderful.
    my mantra lately is: revisit conservation... just because you have access to something doesn't mean you should use it all up.

  10. Wow, i'll have to start reading! So fun you noticed that. Hugs, Riki


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