30 March 2011

RAW 11 -

'in the spring, i have counted
136 different kinds of weather 
inside of 24 hours.'
~ mark twain

that seemed to be the case here last week - 

tender new shoots that brave their way through unpredictable march weather... their newness emphasized by the silvery frost, snow and hail that may coat them unexpectedly... 


  1. gorgeous..
    silver stands on it's own

  2. Oh my gosh, here too - sunny and a tiny bit warm yesterday, snow and rain today... Love the ring!

  3. gasp! that is so beautiful. so unfussy and uncomplicated, yet intricate and detailed at the same time. i don't know how wide that band is but wouldn't it be wonderful to stamp some words on the inside or outside of the shank? loving this. thank you for sharing.
    enjoy the day!

  4. Beautiful. Your small economy of words is so very poignantly stated, too. :)

  5. You always have an Intresting edge in the things you make; and they stand out wonderfully! Love this ring. Its so much and yet very little! Its about time I came and visited you here! xx

  6. It looks like it's comfy too :)

  7. Outstanding!!! Love the curves in this piece...

  8. I share all the above opinions, that is one gorgeous ring!!!


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