31 March 2011

RAW 12 - nesting

with grass-filled beaks the birds fly past...

squirrels rustling through leaves, stuffing their mouths before scrambling up the tree... 

finding scraps from their world and from ours, a nest is built... 

entrusting the boughs with their carefully constructed homes...

preparing for the new life that arrives with the spring... 


  1. Exquisite - and it is the perfect way of combining the wire and the fiber - ingenious!
    I love the way you attached the ring shank.

  2. Love the concept and also that you showed us the side view ... put together very neatly.

  3. Hi Marie, notice all the one word comments it doesn't take a lot of words to describe perfection you are amazingly creative & talented "abso fabu" < 2 half words count as one lol ttfn L:)

  4. What a striking and absolutley fabulous ring, Mary Jane! Love it.

  5. Your ring is beautiful and I love your words!

  6. your nesting rings makes me think of the bald eagles nesting . online there is the Raptor Resource Project in Decorah Iowa if you google this you can see a pair of Bald Eagles raising their little fluff balls on web cam . ; )

  7. so very lovely. so timely. so right. so you.


  8. You are so amazing. I have been gone, and just needed to visit my blogging friends. And I arrive here, and see this wonderful piece. You are truly and inspiration Marie. Sending lots of love, Riki

  9. Well you know- I am all about the nests! This is adorable- so very unique!
    Happy "nesting!"


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