17 April 2011

RAW 52

a ring inspired by movement and silvery swans... feathers moving and beating... flying into the air, free... like dandelion parachutes blowing in the wind... carrying with them our wishes... 


needing to make manifest and work through the impending skin shedding that approaches... thinking as always of my grandmother who taught me to both knit and crochet... a snake of 
sorts - signifying rebirth... 


let no one - not even your self - suck the life out of you... follow your heart's desire, seek love, gaze upon the moon, celebrate each day, remain humble... return to life... 

'thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people
 are beginning to find out that going to the mountain is going home;
 that wilderness is necessity; 
that mountain parks and reservations are useful 
not only as fountains of timber and irrigating rivers, 
but as fountains of life.' 
~ john muir


  1. Ohhh, such beautiful pieces as well as meaning! Love them!

  2. John Muir indeed was a visionary . I love watching the swans fly north. xx

  3. beautifully creative!

  4. I love how you inject nature and philosophy into each of your pieces, in other words.....the perception of yourself. Incredible, and humbling.

  5. Your work is always incredible, always stunning, always steeping in messages...

  6. Wow, wow, wow. The first one is incredible!

  7. "let no one - not even your self - suck the life out of you"
    believe that.
    live it.
    getting excited for your next leap...
    thinking of you.

  8. Beautiful work for a beautiful metamorphosis. Thank you for honoring John Muir's words, a man who I deeply admire.

  9. Thoughtful and inspiring work as always. John Muir's words are as true today as they were so many years ago.

  10. When we were little girls my sister and I put on "plays" for my parents. We raided my step-mother's jewelry box because she was a hippie and had the good stuff. She had two rings with bangles and we took turns with who got the "good" one. Love these. We also had a money tree. Thank you for this meaninful approach to your work.

    I love it.

  11. mj- you know you are my FAVORITE jewelry designer. I get lost in soul of your creations. I have been to visit your shop- your newest creations are stunning. These photos are fabulous- you do amazing things with metal~~


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