21 May 2011

be still my heart (also posted on lmaj)

i am always thrilled to find those with great imagination and the ability to execute their visions...  (another potential) passion to contemplate - to leave me figuring out how to wiggle some more time into my day... 

Crochet Tree
crochet tree by babukatorium

this hungarian artist came to my attention on flickr ... and yes, she has an etsy shop! i just fell in love with this idea... her delicately crocheted spider webs in beautiful colors integrated into a natural environment... 

and wouldn't you know, not days later, an article in the new york times came to my attention? 'graffiti's cozy, feminine side' 

i present to you some of the artists and crafters working with yarn in public places... and really, i am sure there are many others that i don't know about - no offense intended if you are one, i am new to this and enthusiastically sharing the beauty i know of... the idea of graffiti vs. fine art works well here - as with anything, there are degrees of proficiency and complexity evidenced in the different work...  

pink vest on rocky outside of the philadelphia museum of art
 encouraging people to 'go see the art' by
jessie hemmons a.k.a. ishknits 

jessie has a websiteetsy shopflickr and tumblr accounts... she has been featured on blogs in  magazines... obviously yarn bombers are doing this on the sly - attempting not to get 'caught'... jessie calls herself 'philadelphia' yarn bomber'... what i love about jessie's work is the presence of the fibers in an urban environment... this really resonates with me - fibers and metal... 

Seat Finished 500
ishknits - there is a photo of her installing this in her flickr acct...

agata oleksiak, olek, is an artist in nyc & has work in galleries and museums... you can learn about her work on her website and her blog... 

wall street bull, nyc by olek
there is a video of this installation - 

olek - image from her website


  1. Hi M
    I first saw this kind of yarn art about 6 years ago when I saw a post on the web..somewhere..the artist had been knitting around trees...then other knitters joined her. . .then the people that didn't like the idea of knitting around tress, fences ets cut it off...then the knitters knitted new tree trunk covers....

    Some people...

  2. Oh that tree! It is absolutely fantastic. I also want crocheted clothes for my trees now. Your post reminded me of a radio programme I heard one or two years ago. About this movement about knitting and doing things in fabric for things in public spaces. A Swedish lady was interviewed. She had knitted clothes for a lamp post outside her house. She felt sorry for it in the winter. She sneaked out one night to put it on, afraid someone would see her and get upset. But the neighbourhood loved it, and finally she dared to come out. Wonderful story it was. I just looooove things like this. Hurray for anyone who go about doing it.

    Thanks for a great post!

  3. Wow. That is fantastic! Not your grandmother's crochet, for sure! Makes me want to take up that hobby in my spare time.
    Enjoy the day!

  4. Too cool! I would love to come across something like this!

  5. all the work is amazing! i really love the treee!

  6. I just adore that tree! I want to go outside and crochet over all the trees in my yard now!

  7. the tree art is fab! such patience these artists have! xx

  8. OMG!! Hi Maire, how amazing is that! can u imagine the time involved wow thanks for sharing i just love blogging an amzing way to see things you might never get a chance too thanks again :P have a great weekend ttfn L:)

  9. This is something I have not seen. The tree is visually captivating with its delicate yet colorful way the yarn hugs the trunk and limbs. My oh my how artists think and create...

  10. I still like the spider web crochet around the tree best...


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