17 May 2011

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karma - beth hemmila (hint jewelry)

in a recent post, beth posed the question - does karma wait for you?  while understanding that karma has to do with actions that are involved in the cycle of cause and effect, she presented the thought so very succinctly and with a sense of immediacy... beth has an incredible gift for doing this - and i admire it tremendously... in fact, i have been thinking on this for almost a week now... 

perhaps because it has been on my mind i have been open to seeing other writing that builds upon the concept... 

in an article called 'neverisms' printed in the huffington post, a story is told of ernest hemingway giving advice to marlene dietrich:

'never confuse movement with action.'

is there intention behind what you are doing? and of what kind?

last night i was reading an interview stephen hawking gave to the guardian... when asked 'so here we are. what should we do?' he replied:

'we should seek the greatest value of our action.'

living lives of intention through good, bad, and ugly... living our karma... being mindful of how our words and actions affect others... making the most of every opportunity... 

this is your life... 


  1. Great stuff! And good advice from Stephen Hawking - thanks!

  2. You never fail to make my life richer! Thank you so much for expanding my question into one of the most loveliest answers. My brain is spinning with what this all means in my heart and how to live in this manner every day. You are a blessing! xoxo Beth

  3. Good question. My personal thought on Karma is that you set Karma in motion the minute you act. I don't think Karma waits. I think it spins in motion, either quickly or slowly, gathering energy and when you least expect it, it finds you. Hopefully we are performing positive actions and Karma is gathering positive energy to bring back to us.

    I like the thought of Karma spinining in motion. I don't have any idea what the teaching on Karma is. My grandson calls my theories "Bamma Doctrine". I like that.
    xx, Carol

  4. I try to live this every day. My fault, however, is that I question why others don't do the same.

  5. Wonderful words of wisdom. I shall be more mindful of living life fully every day...in the here and now.

  6. Good thoughts, I enjoyed Hawking's interview, too.

  7. You only have to drop a pebble in a quiet pond and see the ripples appear , travel to the other side and return to you . Our actions and thoughts travel outward from us and then return just as surely as the ripple on the pond. The universe is governed by simple laws. Are we exempt? Perhaps choosing the positive is more than simply a good idea.

  8. Life is a dance - not just our lives, but every form of life in the universe. So - perhaps karma dances with us... Since everything we have is a gift from the universe, what kind of value can we reciprocate with?
    Thank you for always sharing thought provoking thoughts!

  9. Feeling compelled to respond mary jane ... so will try to figure this blogging stuff out! lol lol I am always so grateful for your words - I am grateful for the many times they come into my life and I am in midst of refecting on something so similar. Here, exactly what you are talking about! Having spent the last weekend looking at the complexities of relationships (with others AND MYSELF) and the importance of moving beyond words to actually taking action. Thank you for this post.

  10. beth's writings are most thought provoking..
    i love stephen hawking's comment, too many people are simply reactive ..not getting much value from their efforts.


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