14 June 2011

could this be...

the heart pumping, chest pounding feeling of giddiness?! 

while i know that i 'should be' packing, and doing lots of other things, there is a juried show that i want to submit to (naturally the deadline is friday)... i kept putting myself off, saying that i couldn't, shouldn't, first things first and this wasn't one of them, that there will be other shows... but i need to submit to this, to try - it is for the new jersey metals arts guild... and the piece i had planned is perfect for the theme - 'process'... 

yesterday, i decided to give myself permission to take some time to work - something i have not done in over a month... and it has taken a toll on my mental well being... (to say nothing of the fact that i feel like a complete stranger on blogger/flickr/etc...)

that feeling of excitement was so forgotten - i will not do this to myself again... nor should you... if something feeds you, don't deprive yourself... even if you allot yourself 30 minutes a day... my work space is in a couple of places right now, and i had to move things back and forth for this - but i am glad i did...  and it may just help me to get through some of the things i am feeling so tentative about ... 

'living is a form of not being sure,
not knowing what next or how...
we guess. we may be wrong,
but we take leap after leap in the dark.'
~ agnes de mille


  1. O, there you are! I knew you were busy.

    Wow, the photography is stunning.
    Good to hear that you are working. And its a great piece. Good luck with your entry.
    Much Love,

  2. yes! much luck on your entry!

  3. you are so right..you must do what feeds you.
    taking time to connect with your creative self will give you energy.

  4. your entry looks really fresh and exciting...
    have been thinking about you and hoping all is going well with the move and your life... xo

  5. Very true. I told my husband tonight that I felt sad because I haven't been doing some things that make me feel happy because I've been too busy doing things that have needed doing. Time to put those things on the back burner and pull the back burner to the front burner.

  6. No wonder your heart is thumping - mine is too - this piece is going to be superb!!!
    And you should never deprive yourself...

  7. Nice to see you back :) You should absolutely still make time for those things that bring you joy...starting this new chapter off on the right foot!

  8. Hi Maire, well said i should take it to heart for sure. Good luck with your entry and everything you create is abso devine to say the least my dear!
    take care ttfn Lana:)

  9. Mary Jane, well said! I do hope you can find the time to follow you heart - it sounds like you are. I know I need to give myself that "permission" more often as well. Good luck with the entry! Your piece looks so beautiful.

  10. absolutely, you should take time for yourself and follow those creative dreams. good luck with the submission. looks like a lovely start on that chain. hugs, LeAnn

  11. So true we so often forget ourselves and are worse for wear - I need to remember this as well!

  12. MJ- this is stunning- what an incredible photograph! Sometimes we need a diversion--
    ( and a hug) - sending you a big one--


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