22 July 2011

google honors calder

have you seen today's doodle? it may be my favorite one ever... 

play with it and movement begins... try grabbing a paddle with your cursor and dragging it... 

quite beautiful really... 


  1. Nice catch...I'm quite a fan of Calder. it's so zen isn't it?

  2. Hi Maire, darn i saw it but never thought to try that. Hope all is well, with summer vaca and festival season i haven't had time for my daily morning hop i usually do after i drop Jack off at school & i really miss checking in with everyone, but i am enjoying spending so much time with Jack and all of his gang of great friends, they all call me "mom" and i love taking care of all of them.
    have a wonderful weekend ttfn Lana :)

  3. I was so pleased when i saw this doodle, I really love Calder's work, i did some extensive research on him during one of my college projects, his kinetic art is just magical

  4. I saw that and loved it! When Zack was little, I took him to an art museum with Calder mobiles and he was FASCINATED!


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