18 July 2011

inspired by

the woods that surround my house...
a treasured book on fold forming...
renate at put a little magic in your life
barry at rustnstuff
that special hammer i splurged on that has been awaiting a turn... 

there is space now in my head to experiment... a loosening of the shoulders that allows me to hunker down with metal, hammers and a torch... an exhale that allows me to inhale deeply and leap... 

the leaves are coming from this place... 

i am grateful, as always, for the inspiration... 


  1. They are beautiful. I am so happy you've got the space to follow your inspiration. That I think is eve more beautiful.

  2. very zen indeed.

    creative perfection.. especially that bit of green edging on the right leaf..

  3. Oh, I love fold forming. Haven't touched it in a while, but it's a very magical process. You never quite know what you are going to get... Keep breathing. =)

  4. That dramatic yet earthy red patina the torch fire has left on these leaves is adorable!!

  5. MD - beautiful folded forms, patina and colours. Agree with L - the touch of green is special. I would like to try touches of enamel but don't want to clean the patina off to enable the enamel to adhere - maybe I can just try cleaning patches? Look forward to seeing what you make with the leaves. B

  6. these are just beautiful Maire. the texture you gave to the leaves made them MaireDodd :) i would be waiting in anticipation to see what you make from them :)

    i am constantly envious at those of you who have such easy access to metals, you and renate included :) i can't seem to find metal sheets locally. is there a special place you guys get your mixed metals from. buying it via etsy would be too costly (due to shipping weight) for me.

  7. these are heavenly - love the touches of silver and enamel - so gorgeous!!!

  8. these are so pretty, I love the bit of green too!

  9. All of the leaves in my yard are totally green with envy. well done grasshopper!xx

  10. Mary Jane, you seem to be so at peace and settled in your new home. So exciting - new beginnings and the future to look forward to...and of course, a new hammer is always a good thing. :-)
    Your leaves are gorgeous!

  11. MJ - these leaves are fabulous - I think now that you can breathe peacefully - your inspirations are coming to you in amazing ways. I am in LOVE with the leaves.


  12. beautiful Mary Jane :) you sound happy, inspired and free.
    xoxo, laura

  13. Mary Jane you are a great artist!!
    best wishes from Spain,



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