21 August 2011

meditating with metal

this week was all about making pieces, small and large... getting into zen mode... 

'move and the way will open.'
 ~ zen proverb

'only from the heart can you touch the sky.'
~ rumi


'fall down seven times
stand up eight.'
~ japanese proverb

'actions send out ripples
karma brings them back.'

working in this way can be so relaxing - trying to grab a hold of thoughts and feelings and bringing them to life... 


  1. Absolutely wonderful work. It touch the heart!! I love them all!!!

  2. Seeing wonderful words stamped in antiqued metal is heartwarming. They seem to speak more strongly.....

  3. gorgeous as always..love all the stamped metal

  4. I ordered Karma/ripples. I love it. I think I love your work with metal stamping/etching the best.

  5. Beautiful and heart warming to see you work this way. Let all of it flow from your hands.

  6. it's all pouring out now... <3 keeping working on the work.

  7. Beautiful pieces..and always so inspiring.

  8. it does my heart good to see you creating again.
    keep putting your nose to the grindstone, miss mary jane. it is all surfacing now and in such a wonderful way.
    enjoy the day!

  9. Very nice ... I love the color with the metal ... enamel perhaps or maybe patina. :-)

  10. MD - looks like you are on a roll with your creations. Of course I love the patinas and sense of history or use you are giving your works. Go well and continue to create well. B


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