23 August 2011


as i was finishing stamping the word 'effect' today while thinking on karma, my stool began to rock... 300 miles from the epicenter of the earthquake in virginia, i thought i was losing my mind... in the basement looking through the window, things seemed to be moving - or more accurately, i was moving... i ran upstairs to check the news on the internet and found nothing... called my dad - nope, he felt nothing... 'great,' i thought... 'i've imagined it.'

then my 13 yr. old called me - he was at a friend's house... 'mom, did you get out of the house? there was an earthquake... we went outside and took the dog.' 

really? my son knew to react... and his dopey mom sat in a basement over thinking...

cause - an earthquake/something unknown... not for us a life endangering event by any means (i am not comparing this to natural disasters that have taken many lives), just one i had never experienced...  

effect - the lesson being taught again to listen to your gut... i knew something was wrong... but we tend to reason it all away as adults... and in all seriousness, i was physically nauseous from it... 

i have to be honest, living very close to nyc and knowing people who were there on 9/11 i have thought many times on how i would have responded... we heard of how people in the towers were told to stay where they were after the first plane hit... some didn't listen to what they were told to do, they heeded instinct... and because of that they lived... 

funny how lessons come your way... 


  1. weird wasn't it? i was trying to download a program and figured it could only be an earthquake. our dogs didn't even flinch...LOL

  2. I didn't feel a thing, I don;'t think, but I did have a moment when I thought I was moving a little and thought maybe it was leftover rocking from being on a boat this weekend. Who knows!

  3. The weather is wonky...tornadoes in Massachusetts and an earthquake in Virginia. Our gut talks to us for a reason, we need to listen more.

  4. Nausea and dizziness is a normal response when the world that you thought to be stable starts to rock and roll around you. I find it pretty unsettling, but then again, any kind of motion pretty much does me in. Let's hope there's no more of any seriousness out there!

  5. always listen to the inner voice!

  6. We get tremors every year or so, centered in southern Indiana..a little shake and a thought of "did I really feel that".

    Because of the kind of rock along the east part of the US, a 5.5 is not felt has hard as one of that strength on he west (crumbly rock) coast.

    But the event still makes you pause and think..
    xx, Carol

  7. MD - read about the event - glad to read that all you guys are ok - good to learn the lessons. Go well - stay alert. B

  8. It is indeed odd how we learn lessons from events that we have no control over. Instinct is a powerful resource if we only listen to it. I felt nothing here of the earth quake but Peter said his projection screen in his class room shook.

  9. I was sitting at my computer working on photos when simultaneously my chair rocked, the bead cases on the bookshelves rattled and then the whole house started to creak and crack and shift and I jumped up and got in the doorway and as soon as the movement slowed, ran out the front door, phone in hand. Very. Scary. My first and hopefully my last too!

  10. I can relate completely. We definitely need to listen to ourselves more, especially as we age with what you mentioned about reason. Living where I do in Florida, so close to where they launch the space shuttle and rockets...my normal response when the house starts to shake is that it's a rocket and to immediately run outside to catch a glimpse. In my imagination, if it was a real earthquake, I would probably run outside thinking it was a rocket and fall into a giant crevasse like in the movies. ;)

  11. Hi Maire, thank goodness your ok!! how freakie that you were stamping those two words!!!! I live in the outskirts of Windsor,Ontario but i guess they felt it there as well.
    take care ttfn Lana :)

  12. chilling.
    i hope that people are safe and okay. my thoughts go out to all that had to experience this.
    it is good to know that your son has good instincts and listens to them ;-)
    enjoy the day.

  13. I thought my cats were rolling under my couch but then the windows and all my breakables started shaking. I've been through an earthquake before (South America) so I knew exactly what it was, but in VA/MD where ever? Very strange and frightening to me.

  14. The house started to sway and the shaking was strong. It felt at first like a giant was just trying to shake money from the pockets of the house, then the swaying started. It took me a few seconds to realize it was an earthquake. I had felt one here about 15 years ago, but it was so mild, but even then I knew it was an earthquake. Sometimes it just takes a second to process what's happening.

  15. i've experienced 2 small quakes..it was weird..your mind does sort of shut to what's happening as it's such an odd feeling..
    glad you were ok.


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