27 September 2011

the beauty of repetition

while repetition can be tedious 
we all know that there is a time and place for it... 

it is in repeating an action (or thought) that it becomes familiar... 
in familiarity it becomes known... 

in being known it becomes understood... 
and once understood it can be refined... 

and all of a sudden, it feels almost effortless... 

a beautiful pay off for diligence... 



  1. This necklace couldn't be more perfect. This is definitely one of my most favorite pieces that you have done, and you KNOW I love a lot of them.

  2. That little Buddha makes me smile.

  3. MD- in art repetition is like creative meditation - it takes the brain into a quiet zone but a nice zone. Create well - good stuff you are producing. B

  4. so very dreamy. i love the look of your photos. and i have been embracing a sort of repetition in making designs for the upcoming holiday shows. it just never seems like enough. i just hope that i can get into that zen state and let the muse take over!

    enjoy the day.

  5. Beautiful piece, I found your comments very inspiring though. Lately I have been bogged down in tedium I forgot to look at the larger purpose.

    Need that, thanks!

  6. You do know that you are celebrating a virtue that is largely unknown in our hurry-up-and-make-money-on-it culture. Repetition isn't boring when you approach each session newly, like it was the first time, finding the wonder in it. Works for jewelry and making love. I just want to rub that little Buddha's tummy! Erin is so right--dreamy, atmospheric photos-- wonderful!

  7. this piece really rocks...i love it in every way! i think repetition can be familiar and calming...bringing about good things...

  8. Such a peaceful necklace, so serene. Must have come from a place of meditation. Loved Christine's comment!

  9. Oh my, that Buddha-Necklace is divine!

  10. I love Christine's comment as well! My work is and has always been my meditation. It is such a good reminder for me to return the the simplicity of the moment when the work becomes something other than meditative.


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