21 September 2011

btw - build trapeze (with) wire

or by the end of the day 'brain totally wiped'... actually i am not even yet at the end of it... 

it was a day of having difficulty focusing paired with an intense desire to focus ... i am the 'host' of the october art spark on the love my art jewelry blog... and i have an idea for it that i think might be educational and fun... 

(believe it or not, the tools were being put back in the rack occasionally, but it began to seem a moot point... )

i was wondering what was going to come of the day - i know a day working is never wasted - something always gets done... but exactly what was it going to be?

two pieces are one step further along the way of completion... and i got some things ready for  the art spark... so it's all good... but then again, it's always good...  


and for that i am grateful... 


  1. OOO, love the pendants. Gosh I LOVE those Buddas.

  2. This has a very magical quality. I am visualizing the movement!

  3. Gorgeous Maire :) i really like the feeling of these 2 pieces. your work is just a class above!! btw, i was into spiritual the whole of last week too.

    hey ... one question. i've always been curious ... what gauge wires do you use? for instance, in these 2 ... they look fat! (the wires i mean) and i want to learn how to rivet a wire!!! HAH!!

  4. You never cease to write exactly what's in my own heart Maire...Thank you. I will remember this when I'm in the studio today.

  5. I love the Budha with the Om mantra piece. Perfect. Focus...if you figure out how to bring it back, let me in on the secret , OK?

  6. They turned out very cool Maire! Your posts are always inspiring. Thank you!

  7. Difficulty Focusing....Mmmm..Yup...I'm with you...and yes..moving forward by leaps or inches..is always still...moving forward.Your work speaks Volumes friend.Hugs,Cat

  8. MD - don't you just love the mess of tolls in the creative process? Always good to get pieces a little closer to completion.B


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