16 September 2011

feels like home

we have been in our new (old) home for about 2 1/2 months now... mostly filled with summer busy-ness and transition... 

now that school has started, there is space to exhale and 'be' in a way that makes me feel whole...

thursday morning i decided to clean off the workbench... it was covered in beautiful fibers and all kinds of things... it was the first time i had thoroughly and thoughtfully cleaned it off... and suddenly, i realized it was really mine... my very own space to work... it went from being a workbench to my workbench... (and my grandfather's)... 

and i can work at it as long as i like - doing whatever i like... 


if i didn't have children, i could live in a studio with my cats, a bench, a small refrigerator and a comfy couch to sleep on... i have simple needs... and a deep passion... 

i had purchased this miniature printers tray from lisa jurist at her mudhound studio etsy shop (in addition to all of the great silks and fibers that covered my bench) ... i love it so much... when my brain cannot wrap around making finished jewelry or i just feel the pull, i will often make components by the number... they were scattered all over, but now they are together in order... it also holds 'in progress' pieces... 

'everything that is really great and inspiring
is created by the individual 
who can labor in freedom.'
~ albert einstein


  1. What a wonderful creative space you have. Even the look of it is just so appealing...glad you now feel settled.

  2. I am so happy for you and your space.From one who worked in the dining room for years and years I can truly appreciate the idea of your own space and the freedom it gives.Blessings on the days ahead... and may they create lovliness inside and out.Cat

  3. Love your space!!! And I know great things will come into being here...

  4. This is a great space......so familiar, time worn, and warm. Looking forward to see what you create!

  5. my fren ... your workspace old is so beautifully aged and has a true artist's aura to it. i am sure only good will come out of it. as to living a simple life ... dun we all dream of that. perhaps one day when the kids are enough we might be able to do that again :)

  6. warm, comfortable, spiritual, satisfaction, healing, sustenance, serenity

  7. Then I will labor in freedom some 2045 miles west of your present location . Feels like Fall today. xx

  8. MD - I think it is so important to be able to say my work bench - it reinforces the conviction that you are an artist and this is where your art emerges from. Love the idea of being able to live in your studio with the refrigerator and couch. I have admired Lisa's small print trays - glad one has gone to a good home. Go well. B

  9. It's so awesome to hear you up like this! :-)


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