06 November 2011

bursting forth

the wonder of you

the greatness you hold

the gifts you might share

await your call to action... 

to try to withhold them goes against nature...

and why would you deny your nature?


  1. Wise words for this Serene Sunday and beyond...thank you.

  2. hmmmm...why indeed! And we all burst forth in our own time, under our own sun, ready to spill our gifts to the world. You are so right!
    Enjoy the day, Miss Maire!
    Erin xo

  3. Love the photos - we have a version of this shrub here, but the seed pods are pink and the seeds are the same bright orange!
    Thank you for bringing your gifts into this world.

  4. MD - ah!! the energy and beauty of seed pods bursting forth - the promise of new life. B

  5. Beautiful sentiment and the seeds are a perfect portrayal of that.

  6. Why deny...I would much rather go with the current.Hugs Sista,Cat


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