25 November 2011

lori anderson's first annual virtual craft show

7 Days, 70 Artists, GIVING AWAY 70 things.

me included... 

it all starts on lori's blog tomorrow... 


  1. Maire, your beautiful blog and words of wisdom are truly inspirational & your unique jewely and components... the icing on the cake of inspiration.
    take care & good luck with your first virtual craft show...
    ttfn Lana :)

  2. This virtual craft show is such a good idea! I love the earrings in your post and I'm heading to your shop now!

  3. Oh, I would love to win those beautiful earrings. Good luck with the show!

  4. Dear Mair,
    I still cannot believe it but I am a happy, happy girl just now (☺ coming from Loris blog ☺) ... love your work so much and I am so grateful to meet you and so many talented artists through Loris Virtual Craft Show.
    Thank you so much,
    ♥ Manuela


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