15 December 2011

be your most beautiful soul

thank you, amanda, at kind over matter for sharing this - i hadn't seen it before... she also wrote about an oprah episode where she discusses the origin... it is now hanging in my kitchen, directly across from our front door... 

we bounce off of each other constantly, so why not be your most beautiful, giving, loving person... 

judy glende is fighting cancer - she just found out that there are lesions on her brain
and nodes on her lungs... please send some healing energy her way... 

i also just learned that penny elizabeth neil of sparrow salvage was in a very serious and tragic car accident... she is still hospitalized but her mom didn't survive... fanciful devices is having a raffle to try to raise some funds for her... 

i am so numb for these beautiful people - but am sending out beams of light and love... perhaps you can as well...


  1. Oh my gosh. Have to go visit these people.

  2. Amazing how close we feel to those we've only met through a computer screen... Sending much love and light to both.

  3. Oh God. Oh please not Judy. And my poor Penny Sparrow.... this is just awful.
    We have the Artists helping Artists on Facebook, We can come up with something to help.

  4. Holy Shit. I would say something more nice and appropriate but I am dumbstruck. visited judy earlier in the week to spread love but just heard about sparrow....going now to fanci to contribute...

  5. I do and I will.Izzy hit the nail on the head with how close we feel to those we have never met.I am still amazed at this powerful force..totally unexpected,but beautiful.Now visit me at my blog sweet Mary Jane...I have something to tell you.Big Hugs,Cat

  6. The comment on the energy really resonates with me-- I was shopping yesterday and saw a neighbor friend browsing the items in the crafts area. I called out a greeting and she didn't even turn around to reply. Puzzled, I continued and said, let's get together for dinner? She mumbled something. I worried over her response all the way home-- had I said something wrong? what was my last interaction with her-- did I say something offending to elicit such a response? Finally I decided-- I can't take responsibility for her lack of courtesy and I'm not letting it bother me anymore. I know in my heart that I have never borne her any ill will so whatever she puts out there in the world-- that's on her. So many people are beset with woes that I can't even begin to understand how they deal with so this in contrast is nothing. Thanks for reminding me.

  7. Marie- I am adding your friends to my prayer list- thank you for sharing these stories and allowing me to send them love and healing wishes. Prayer is such a powerful healer.
    Bless you-


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