22 December 2011

artists helping artists - silent auction 2

once again, a number of creatives have come together in support of a member of our community... penny neil of sparrow salvage was in a tragic car accident that has hospitalized her with serious injuries and caused the death of her mother...  

we are asking for your help if you can give it... 

strength of spirit

'confront the dark parts of yourself,
and work to banish them with illumination and forgiveness.
your willingness to wrestle with your demons
will cause your angels to sing.
use the pain as fuel,
as a reminder of your strength.'
~ august wilson

i offered this style of earring for the first auction; i do not often make duplicates of a design, but i love how the soft ivory emanates from within the framework... and how it represents that glowing light within... 

mixed metal earrings are made of naturally patinated copper and sterling... paddles are a combination of copper and sterling... padre beads are over 100 years old... sterling ear wires... 

bidding will begin at $30 ... the silent auction will end wednesday dec. 28th at midnight... and all are welcome to enter - i will happily ship internationally... 

i am also hosting for the very talented deborah lee taylor of e5jewelery... 

Mixed metal hoop earrings made of hammered copper and fine silver wire.  I gave the fine silver rings texture on the front and back by stamping dots and lines into the metal.  The inner circle is a 1/4" dia.  of fine silver.  The outer copper circle is 1" dia.  Made to look aged.  Hangs from hand forged sterling silver ear wires.

deborah's bidding begins at $40.

please leave a comment with your bid. if you are the winning bidder, you will receive an invoice at the close of the auction.... there must be a way to contact you... if you have email preferences turned off in your profile, please leave your email address... (or send it to me privately - mairedodd@gmail.com)

others participating:


  1. MD- it is so good what you and others are doing by way of support for Penny in such tragic times. F&I bid $50 Deborah's earrings; and $40 for those created by you. Go well. B

  2. thanks to teri wynn who has bid $80 on 'strength of spirit'...

  3. Please enter me too for Deborah's earrings at $85.00 and yours at $90.00. Happy New Year!

  4. Deborah's earrings at $95.

  5. teri wynn bids $100 on 'strength of spirit'...

  6. I would love to donate $50.00 to the fundraising efforts.


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