30 December 2011

hidden messages

mary jane dodd - 'portals to awakening' triptych 2011

this post is a continuation of my last... 

i find it interesting when one is guided in a project by thoughts that have so permeated your being that you don't even realize it... until you are done... 

while connected to 'nascent',  i am ready to leave it behind... i thank it for the pregnant forms and the word 'emerge' in the first piece...  

i knew this series would go further - 

'evolve' comes rising up and out of the void... the backplate is opened up so that the light may come through... 

i felt the pull to use a butterfly wing gifted to me by a friend... the word 'fly' from an antique dictionary... and at the last minute the fibers were calling - i am so grateful i decided to get up from the bench and go for a walk on the morning they did... 

the resin is filled with air bubbles in the final piece - as if these thoughts, these desires come bubbling out as you open... 

but when i began to shoot the images, to take the close up pictures, i recognized that my new word was participating as well as someone else's -  


'we come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust.'
(the first closed form with the spiral)

'you were born with potential
you were born with goodness and trust
you were born with ideals and dreams
you were born with greatness
you were born with wings
you are not meant for crawling, so don't.
you have wings, 
learn to use them and fly.'
(the final form)

and my word?

transcend... (yes, it has been tweaked from 'daring'... thanks to conversations with a friend)

no matter what happens with the submission to the exhibition, i am well pleased with the lessons learned in regard to craft and self... 

does your work reflect back to you things you don't realize you hold?

wishing you all abundance of love, happiness and good health in the new year... and may you always find the balance in any situation you face... 


  1. Ah, perfect choice... And I'm so happy to call you friend and to watch you on this new journey (so proud). Latin - transcendere, to climb. =)

  2. Dazzling! Love how these pieces have "evolved"!

  3. I love these pieces JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!

  4. I'm smiling as I tell you this post is excellent.
    Don't you know that Rumi was speaking to you? Yes, you do because it called you, to whisper a reminder of what you already know.

    I am always in awe of where your art takes you. You have discovered yet another technique to conquer and use to release tiny parts of your soul into the Universe to share with us.

    Transcend..to climb..so perfect. A reminder that the path forward is not always easy, but well worth the effort when you rise to the next level.

    At this very moment, I am SO happy for you.
    MUCH love,

  5. MD-the triptych has resolved and evolved beautifully; and a new word for 2012 - good for you - transcend is great - it incorporates but goes beyond daring. Go well.now and in 2012. B

  6. So moving Mary Jane-I love how these pieces came out. Beautiful art!
    I wish you many blessings in all good, true, and beautiful in the new year.


  7. These pieces are awe inspiring - through your intention, your crafts(wo)manship, your use of techniques and details. And they are like a 3D journal - or a map, of where you are coming from and showing an idea of where you are going.
    May you transcend your challenges in 2012 and always. Sending much love.

  8. Mary Jane - this is the best post to read on the years last day. I know that feeling of creating something and then after see a mirror of my self in it. Something I never knew was a part of me. That is some of the most liberating feelings I can get. Thank you for putting your words to your journey - your jewelry is beyond everything I´ve ever seen. I love your pendants - there are no words to describe them.
    And I wear your earrings with some of the grace you put in your work. I wish you a happy new year - and thank you so much for all you share. I´m blessed to have found you in blogland!!

  9. Love, love, love those pendants. For some reason they just call to me. I love when you find a design and let it move and flow and find it's place. I think when we as artist leave ourselves open and let the creative juices flow we create and find our own voices. Our work becomes unique to us. Have a great New Year.

  10. Beautiful Mary Jane!!! How joyfully your word calls to me! Thank you for sharing your beautiful pieces AND your thoughts of sweet growth and love~

  11. So beautiful! I enjoyed following your trail of thoughts through the 2 blog posts.

  12. Look at all the spirituality you put into these pieces! So thoughtful and graceful. Why does that thoughtfulness bring out the greedy child in me? ["Want them, gotta have one?"]

    I must work on refining my spirit....but then, may I have some components?


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