16 January 2012

on peace

('there is no way to peace. peace is the way. ~ a.j. muste)

'peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek,
but a means by which we achieve that goal.'
~ martin luther king, jr. 


  1. excellent thought for the day
    and speaking of peace..
    i love that piece in the photo!

  2. Wow! I have one of these little buddha charms and it sits on my desk hidden away. You've made me see this buddha in a whole new way by framing it with metal and words. It's amazing how you are able to take something and transform it into something deeper and more expansive. Thank you!

  3. Inspiring snowy MLK day my friend. xx

  4. Carissima Mary, ti seguo sempre con piacere eamirazione e ogni giorno imparo un pò da te. Posso chiederti se utilizzi una finitura protettiva per i tuoi bijoux? Qui in Italia non ci sono prodotti di questo tipo, sapresti indicarmi una marca o un prodotto perchè io lo possa trovare su internet? Se lo usi, lo usi matte o satin?
    Scusami per le tante domande e grazie mille!

  5. A very strong, yet peaceful assemblage - wonderful. And I love the photo...

  6. MD - as others have said - a beautiful thought and wish - a way for us to attempt to follow. I had to smile re the clay tablet - I have a similar one sitting on my computer shelf. Go well. B

  7. Peace is practically an ingredient of your work here, invisible but powerful. I can only contemplate this piece peacefully, it draws me to itself and calms my thoughts. In fact, thoughts are the last thing that comes forward, after an initial feeling of wordless enjoyment.


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