14 January 2012

there is a moral to the story...

'portals to awakening' 2011

was not accepted to the national association of women artists open works exhibition...

and that is ok... this just wasn't where it belonged... 

you stay open, you remain persistent... 

you don't give up... 

this project enabled me to evolve... to put things together a bit differently... 

the deadline pushed me to complete something that was not otherwise on the 'to do' list... 

'funny things are everywhere' 2010

this dr. seuss inspired necklace was made as a result of a challenge that erin prais-hintz had on her blog... it was fun... and it ended up in the 2010 100th nj craft arts annual at the newark museum... 

and then this winter it was purchased... it was never intended for sale... but i was told it would go to a 'seuss lover'... and so i thought that was where it belonged... turns out that 'seuss lover' was susan brandt, the president worldwide of dr. seuss enterprises... 

was i disappointed when i got the 'thank you, but...' letter from the nawa? yes... for a moment... 

but i reminded myself (again) that part of putting yourself and your work out there is getting rejected... which is fine (it may sting a bit, but it's nothing you cannot handle)... it keeps you growing... 

so don't be afraid of rejection - working as a creative means being vulnerable, no two ways about it... 

living with an open heart makes you vulnerable too... 

but is there really any other way you would rather live? and can you live fully if you do not?


  1. Wow, cool about the Dr. Suess necklace! I remember a professor of mine in graduate school advised us to get VERY used to MORE rejections than acceptances, but that at some point, the persistence provides one with enough opportunities to thrive. I knew a woman who took one day a month to enter exhibitions, send in grant and residency proposals, she consistently had things coming in as a result. That being my LEAST favorite thing about making art, I keep thinking that would be a good practice, maybe I'll attempt something like that - once a month to start?

  2. Keep believing in yourself! Do not loose heart. I am going to search your blog to get a better look at the Dr. Seuss necklace.

  3. very wise words my sensei...

  4. that's a wonderful story about the Dr.Suess necklace..
    sorry to hear your piece didn't get into that women's exhibit..remember it's just about that bit of work not fitting the view of the juror... with art ,it is mostly about the journey...as artists, each time our work is accepted or rejected it allows us learn something.

  5. Wise words, my friend. That the 'Portals to Awakening' were not accepted, says nothing about the art or the artist. Wow - the sale of your 'funny things...' necklace - that is wonderful. Was it difficult to part with? It was such an awesome piece...
    Vulnerability - such a deep and wonderful word. I am going to think about that today...

  6. To sell your enchanting necklace to the president of dr. seuss enterprises .... now that is something! It is obvious that the piece is brimming with Dr.Suess-ness.

  7. Wise and balanced words. Without a little risk taking here and there how do we grow, how do we travel? It pleases me to know that your wonderful Dr Seuss necklace ended up in what I think is the perfect home. Portals to Awakening will find their home too. Actually maybe they already have in the growth you've made.

  8. Maire, i agree with Renate ... "it says nothing about the art or the artist" ... i am glad you are looking at it in a most positive way. i believe, there is always a reason for happenings ... this little loss might be a catalyst to greater things which probably could not be materialized unless it happened this way.
    on a different note ... you little charm necklace is a delight!! congrats on the sale :)

  9. That is so awesome about your Seuss piece! Collected by a true Seuss connoisseur! The grand poobah of Seusness even! She must have been beside herself to come across it.

  10. This is theeee most wonderous thought process. Most wouldn't make the connection. I knew when I first saw this piece that it was indeed a portal, but more than to your artist's heart.
    Much love and admiration,

  11. Maire~two wonderful pieces. A sad "sting" and a bright "yesss!!!!". You are right. The "rejection" is just another pebble on your journey. The immense eompliment of your whimsical seuss-piece being purchased by a woman who devotes her time and heart to Dr. Seuss should be a lovely boost under you to lift your spirits. Up & Down. Life!

  12. Maire,

    Congratulations on the necklace sale! That's superbly awesome. Beautiful piece, too.

    You're right about rejection. We have to be open to it, to being vulnerable, because otherwise, we're not open to anything, including success! I was recently rejected to teach at a bead show, and while it was disappointing, I was mostly proud of myself for being brave enough to try. :)

  13. i'd say the one who lost in this race was NAWA..perhaps your sophisticated work and forward thinking is not up to their speed. At any rate this piece is a unique and magnificent wearable sculpture and I love it. The best reward of all is that the journey took you to the next level...

    Geez MJ.. that Suess necklace is masterpiece..i just love the way your style changes..never predictable but always unique and full of enchanting surprises! xo

  14. It's not you MJ! Your work is stunning. But your words ring true as always my friend. Xoxo Riki

  15. I saw that Seuss piece some time ago & was amazed...not surprising that it sold. Big congrats on that...I can't even imagine how much thought and time went into it.

    And I fully understand the disappointment on 'portals to awakening' 2011. I've entered a few juried photography shows and not been accepted. We learn, we take away and we keep doing what we must. It's what we do. Juried shows are tough because they're so subjective.

  16. you have the healthiest attitude of anyone i know. there is a great power in hearing 'no' - it is not meant as a rejection of your worth, just that the world was not ready to see the brilliance. and when i have experienced no but i believe in that piece, it makes me strive even harder to find the right place for it to rest.

    your story of the seuss necklace never ceases to amaze and delight me. to know that i had some small part in the inspiration makes me giddy with delight.

    you are a treasure, miss maire.

    enjoy the day.

  17. The best lesson we can learn is that the way we think, our values, our preferences, are not the same as those of others. Even as we share so many characteristics as humans, our diversity of opinion about what is 'art' is very broad. All this really means is that a very small panel of people had to choose a very small number of pieces for this show. As you so correctly pointed out, it's not a rejection-- just not an acceptance. As with your Dr. Seuss piece, the right venue will appear, the right choices will be made and the right people will see your work. I think it's spectacular!


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