29 January 2012

opening to understanding

move away from fear and into love... 

moving into love requires opening the heart... 

opening the heart can make one fearful, vulnerable... 

realize that while it is your individual path to walk, 

others walk beside you... 

that you are not alone... 

as the fear washes over you, shed your tears, then let it pass... 

turn around, bid it farewell

and embrace the understanding that remains... 


  1. Lovely thoughts with a beautiful necklace. So rich in texture and shapes.

  2. Well Ms Dodd how are things in your sphere today? Nice necklace , is that a long brass bead? lovely xx

  3. I am doing just that. 'embracing the understanding' and all that entails. xox E

  4. Hi from Upper Westside NYC MD. What was your word for this year again. It certainly seems that you are moving out there creatively. Lovely combination of hard metal and flexible thread linking bits of love and life together. Go well B

  5. Moving on...and stepping to the next plateau :)

  6. This is just stunning! I see the red thread...
    And the clasp - fantastic!! Crazy good.

  7. Purtropo google traduttore non rende la magia delle parole... allora le foto dei tuoi capolavori parlano al posto tuo! Magie!

  8. I see (and feel)the red thread as well. I think that when you embrace the understanding when you've released fear and opened your heart is the moment when you most connect to world and feel the joy that the connection brings.

  9. This one has a stunning amount of symbolism for me Maire. The red thread. The circles, The dark threads with the way they are tied almost remind me of barbed wire....The clasp with the bullet casing....It has so much depth of meaning for me.

  10. This is gorgeous! I love that contrast between the red and black along with all the texture that comes from the knotting. Just an amazing piece that speaks to me on so many levels as I struggle daily with love and vulnerability.

  11. A beautiful sentiment- one that you especially should hold true to your heart--


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