24 January 2012

'... with intention'

clay thai amulet

tibetan double terminated quartz crystal (not a herkimer diamond, they are double terminated  as well but mined only in the area of herkimer, ny, usa) with a bit of rainbow trapped inside... 

red is an auspicious color in tibetan culture offering protective qualities...

muslin stamped with 'thoughts, words, actions'

if we choose them with intention, our inner and outer worlds come into harmony... 


  1. Mary Jane this is fabulous ! What is it going to be?


  2. Gorgeous piece. Love the intricate cage :o)

  3. Is it OK to pin this. I did, but I will remove if you want. :)

  4. Very lovely piece friend!!! I love your metal cage with the 'touch of rainbow trapped inside', what a cool concept. Some rainbow to keep on hand for when you need it most. Your work is amazing!!!

  5. MD-beautiful balance and a piece imbued with spirit. B

  6. Powerful piece~ And your explanations of each element add to its richness~

  7. As you contemplate this piece you wonder "is the power of the crystal caged or is it set on display as a reminder of what we hold within"?-- caged, if we refuse to acknowledge it or are unaware of it or powerfully displayed in our behavior, our creativity, our thoughts, our way of being in the world. In such a monochromatic setting, it's interesting how the subtle color of the amulet is so colorful and can hold its own with the red accent from the fiber. And all of it contrasts so beautifully against the dark background. Calm and compelling, all at once!

  8. I love the new background, by the way.

  9. The quartz crystal is like a lantern of love and hope. Subtle but essential. This is a very beautiful piece. I wish you wrote about your thoughts and feelings while you create, the string of associations that flows through your mind. It would take us on a lovely journey.


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