08 February 2012

feeling open and full at the same time -

know what i mean?

'i would rather have eyes that cannot see;
ears that cannot hear, lips that cannot speak,
than a heart that cannot love.'
- robert tizon


  1. I totally resonate with this. I *love* your earrings.

  2. What a fantastic talent!!! your blog is beautiful, as is everything you create from what we can see! Thank you for stopping by our blog and the warm welcome to blogging! it has been an amazing few weeks since our fist post and I cannot believe the overwhelming response from such amazing, warm, gifted and enlightned people. We'll definitely be following along as well!!

    ~Bobby & Eric~

  3. Your pieces are beautiful as well as the quotes you post. You inspire me. Namaste. ~Kalaya~

  4. Open and Full? A moment that sometimes dissapears far to quickly,so it is up to us to treasure every second.One of the things that you do brilliantly sweet M.J is your ability to create two different pieces that go together harmoniously,more so,than two identical pieces ever could.

  5. MD - great quote - good to have love in our life; and the earrings have that asymmetrical and worn look that life and love often offers. B

  6. In one small package, there is so much to love and admire about the design of these earrings. The subtle tinge of pink-- both from the metal as well as the stones and the fiber, the asymmetrical shapes, yes, but also different levels to the attachment to the earwire, the slightly deconstructed feel that seems to express a lifetime of experience in both loving and being loved but also in having love rejected and devalued. How is it you can put an entire spiritual metaphor in one tiny pair of earrings? That's the genius of what you do.

  7. Now, how did I miss this post????
    You always know how to express these things so beautifully...

  8. hi

    these earings are wonderful

    any plans to make more for your etsy shop?


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