03 February 2012


'knowledge is learning something new every day.

wisdom is letting go of something every day.'
- zen proverb

this basket, sitting on my unironed cotton cloth in the dining room, is an island of stillness... of simplicity... monochromatic... inviting... i hold this ugandan basket in two hands & think of the woman who wove it... it feels good... 

i am so grateful to the women who have opened a fair trade shop locally... who allow us to touch these things ourselves, be drawn to them... this little basket had been calling to me... who wouldn't have welcomed such a treasure into their home?

'eyes of the world' can be found at 658 cookman avenue, asbury park, nj...

please support fair trade wherever you can... 


  1. It's beautiful. I support fair trade whenever I can. Things like coffee I always search out fair trade because it is so important to get money back into the hands of workers rather than brokers. BTW, nothing in my house is ironed. I'm not even sure where the iron is.

  2. What a wonderful quote! It's giving me chills. :)

    I shop at a lot of nice, local stores in my area. I confess that I don't know a lot about fair trade, but I know my local stores do take the issue seriously. They're also into supporting local artisans, bakers, crafters, etc., which I love.

  3. What do you mean - unironed? Just look at that texture!
    Such a beautiful basket...

  4. Your blog always calms me when I need it most.

  5. MD - the beauty of simplicity - great to have in quiet spots of the home. B

  6. A perfect basket of wholesomeness! That Zen proverb is going in my mental basket before I let it go :)


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