26 February 2012

how lucky

i knew i was lucky when a woman contacted me asking for some lessons in jewelry making... 

she came to my home a couple of times

and began to talk about a store she and her friend wanted to open

that carried work from around the world

and by local artists...

that beautiful, magical store is open

and the recluse that i am is out and in there twice a week (at least)... getting my spirit and senses fed... 

it is truly a refuge - you can see it in others who come into the space... and they want to bring some of it home with them...

it is a gift to the community... to those from the corners of the globe who are working to make their lives better with their art and craft... and to us, for not only did she ask me for lessons, but she asked for some of my pieces... i am honored to have my work included here... in a place of peace and giving... 

but what these women don't know - is how much they have touched our lives by welcoming the kids and i into their world... how they have become another stone upon this new path that promises love, sharing, laughter... how the timing of our meeting couldn't have been better for any of us... 

and i know i am lucky - 

to see what the incredible women of 'eyes of the world' are up to, you can visit them here... and if you live within driving distance of asbury park, nj - i encourage you to make the trip... 


  1. What a beautiful post Mary Jane. I feel lucky as well. <3

  2. The photo of the buddha eyes is so fantastic!
    Isn't it funny - when we make contact with someone, we never know how it might change our lives... or theirs...

  3. so happy for you!! it is good to get out and interact with other people, especially ones that feed your soul! it looks like both a beautiful and inspiring store--how refreshing it must be to spend time there! Your work would fit right in. I wish I lived close enough to see it! I've always loved places like that.

  4. I was JUST thinking about you yesterday... wondered how you are. This shop looks beautiful. I love how often healers hide in unsusual places, like a store. Its wonderful when we feel a deep resonance with a container of energy... wish I lived close, I'd go to that store for frequent pilrimages, I'm sure!

  5. What an amazing store. Your creative and unique jewelry pieces will be the perfect complement to the other items!

  6. such a delightful place filled with delicious treats.. it is so fitting that your work be part of this wondrous world of must have treasures!

  7. Mary, that store looks fantastic! I've fallen in love with the owls and lizards.

    I'm excited that you've made new friends, too. Good friends whom we can support, and who support us, are priceless! There's no doubt about it.

  8. What a wonderful space they have created. Thanks for bringing them to life for us on your blog . xx

  9. those little owls have my heart...

  10. Congratulations, Mary Jane! What a haven ... and your work will be beautiful there. Actually, I can't imagine a better place for it to be! Your work and shop seem to be of the same spirit ... I'm so happy for you!

  11. So funny that you speak of "timing".
    "Timing" is a myth.
    You, of all people, know that the Universe gathers souls, bringing them together to feed one another from their combined spiritual energy. She has brought you another home. A safe place to nurture others and be nurtured. There is no "Luck". Only that Perfect Moment that brings blessings to all that recognize it.
    Much Love,

  12. Luck or blessings or whatever- it's wonderful Maire! I am very happy for you! We all need that soul nourishment and you've found that within this space and with these kind people. Kind people draw kind people into their lives. What you may not realize is the inspiration and love you send out to others. Me and I'm sure many others feel the same way about you- as you do about this woman. You inspire and send out so much positive light. I feel really lucky to have crossed paths with *you! :)
    Peace and blessings be with you!


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