18 February 2012


working on... 

light comes from within... 

so shine it

as brightly as you can... 

you never know whose flame may be down to just a  flicker

and needs your spark to get it going again... 


  1. Wow, I LOVE how this form has developed and TRANSFORMED! Beautiful.
    Is that amber? I wear amber every day - a talisman of my Baltic ancestry and because it is from trees, forest medicine.... Wonderful piece!

    (and on another note, I am on my THIRD TRY with these new word verifcation words... CAN"T read them!)

  2. Love this! And I'm SO in love with the one you made for me!!!!

  3. It looks like you're prong setting something....beautiful colors in it!

  4. Its like a blazing fire around your neck and heart.So Beautiful Mary Jane!!

  5. Your photo makes this shine with otherwordly light - so breathtakingly gorgeous!
    And you are always so conscious of others... you are a beautiful soul...

  6. MD - very strong piece - beautiful fire in the stone; and strong words to bind it all. B

  7. what a great way of showing that important and meaningful observation...love it!

  8. MJ, I think this is THE most powerful piece you have ever created..ever. And the accompanying commentary is perfection. Is it possible for me to want a piece even more than the last one I coveted?
    xx, Carol

  9. Hi Marie...long time and oh how I have missed your blog...it was my birthday last Sunday and my family got me a new iPad and a new wireless connection for my internet...seems to be working much better than my previous connection...I can't wait to get back to blogging...I have missed I it so much...your pendant is amazing and I can't wait to see what's new in your shop...ttfn Lana

  10. What a warm and serene light. Light yourself! I like the setting that sort of hovers in the background, letting the stone have center stage.

  11. That is a really nice center piece! I wore your earrings on Friday. Their nice movement carried me through the long day. xx

  12. This is a georgeous piece, Mary Jane. In your photo the light is playing with it so nicely.
    I have come to give you the Versatile Blogger Award. You'll find more informations about it on my blog. xo Janna


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