16 March 2012

thank you, judy

judy glende - judith b. designs

'we are all visitors to this time, to this place. we are just passing through. 
our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love. 
and then we return home.'
- australian aboriginal proverb
(from judy's blog)

this beautiful woman returned home this week after she valiantly attempted to fight the cancer that ravaged her...

judy was funny, kind, talented... and could she find treasures at a market... 

sometimes words just fail... 

i know that there are many of us that she befriended, assisted and encouraged - it was her nature... 

she sent me my first old books to use with resin... i told her i didn't have the heart to cut up old books that were in good condition... she found me ones that were ready for someone's trash - but not mine... my favorite old dictionary and book of shakespeare... 

it was my honor to have met her through this community -  

her blog is filled with her work, her love of her family and friends... she touched many people... 

and she will be missed... 


  1. I wish that I had known her better in her time on earth. She was a lovely soul. I am so sorry for the loss that everyone is feeling through this tragedy. Sending you hugs.
    Enjoy the day.

  2. Sending everyone a feeling this void, including yourself, much light and love.

  3. What a beautiful quote! She was an amazing being. Just hearing the story of her sending you old books, I can see how much she will be missed by all those around her.

  4. I am just devastated. Judy is the one who encouraged me to get started etching copper. I will be forever grateful for her giving heart. I will miss you y friend.

  5. I am sorry for your loss. Thank goodness for those who light the way. xx

  6. Judy was a shining light - now gone on to travel the next part of her journey - I am thankful that she need not suffer any longer, but I will miss her...

  7. Non conoscevo Judy, nè il suo blog e il suo lavoro. Ma dalla traccia che ha lasciato in tutte voi capisco che era una persona speciale.

  8. Mary Jane- I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. This is a beautiful tribute - I can tell that she was greatly loved.


  9. She was such a wonderful, sweet lady. I wish I had known her better. She made life better, just by being.

  10. MD - sorry for the death of your friend - I remember the earlier posts regarding resources to help her. You tribute has provided both an opportunity to pause and send energy to you and those who love her; and remind me that life is such a fragile thing. Go we'll. B

  11. i'm so sorry that you have lost a dear friend Maire. tho i know not Judy, but from what you wrote, she must have been an amazing woman. and altho you will miss her now, but we well ALL meet again one day at a different time, in a different place. and then, the party shall start again!

  12. You've captured her. I was so sorry to hear that she had passed on, but her challenge seemed to be so great. It just seemed to devastate her body so quickly that there was no way to turn it around. She's has been missed.

  13. What a beautiful tribute to our friend Judy. I have been thinking of her nonstop. I believe today was her funeral. I am so sad and really cannot believe she's gone. She really did leave the world a brighter place with her friendship, family, and the beauty her creative endeavors. She will be sorely missed.


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