12 March 2012

my simple offering goes to....

#22 kalaya steede!

thanks to all who left a comment... i was really touched that 37 of you did... 

'lightly' 2012 

you had to know this word was coming... 

if you didn't and you wonder why

you can find out here... 


  1. Congrats to the winner!! I cant believe I missed your sweet offering...lightly..You say..even though we "feel deeply"...that's hard.But...Mmmm.ok,lightly.

  2. MD - beautiful gift for KS - lightly is a beautiful way to go through life. May you spirit and journey be full of light and go gently as in lightly. B

  3. M, I find it comforting to think of you creating your beautiful work lightly .... gracefully .... mindfully.
    Congratulation to Kalaya!

  4. Hi Mary Jane, I am so grateful (and excited) to be receiving such a beautiful gift. Merci beaucoup.

  5. What a great give-a-way...congrats to Kalaya!


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