06 March 2012


petals in brass - 2012

'lightly, child, lightly.  
you've got to learn to do everything lightly.  
think lightly, act lightly, feel lightly.  
yes, feel lightly, even though you're feeling deeply.'
- aldous huxley island

it was interesting today to realize that while working with a stiff metal, 

heating & reheating


folding & unfolding

gently bending and forming,

i was, in fact, doing it lightly... 

(contented sigh)

much gratitude to robyn gordon at art propelled  for sharing this passage... i immediately got the book and have since finished it...

a beautiful & worthwhile read... 


  1. so lovely and gentle...
    kind of reminds me.. are you planning to see the hunger games?

  2. good counsel for everyday foot steps xx

  3. Wonderful!!! And I think I need to look up that book...

  4. Beautiful. I love that petals shape. Exciting to see what you come up with now as you have tried a new technique!!! You are sooo talented and your work is so inspiring.

  5. MD-gues it demonstrates that even the harder metals can be moulded with light strokes - great quote to reflect on. B

  6. Beautiful softness and gentleness - lovely forms and lovely words - what more could we ask for? Go lightly...

  7. wonderful passage...love your petals

  8. Ahhhhh....lightly, free, joyful! I love your stamping and the shape of this organic pieces. :-)

  9. So beautiful, both the message, and your art. Just like you MJ. xoxo

  10. Most folks don't read anything but his best-known work. Lots to think about from his other books though. Part of 'lightly' is not taking yourself too seriously-- not to disrespect the work, that is serious-- but to let the work evolve and define itself without forcing it. Listening to what it has to tell you. And you do-- listen.


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