28 April 2012

alba nelly urbina

a.k.a. sparkafarian of moxie metal

as we all know, the work doesn't stop just because you have a finished product sitting in front of you - 

staging and photography come next

and alba has been helping me for a couple of years now...

i wanted to share her with you - 


  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful women with us!
    While I have petty feelings of coveting her mig welder, I feel her description of the connection between her work and that of her ancestors is right on. This connection is vital to me in realizing that I am a small fragment of time, and it is a purpose to carry on work from my hands as those past.

    Love you, Maire!

  2. nice!!! i love woman in metal :) powerful combination :)

  3. She seems like an amazing and creative woman! I enjoyed the video - thanks for sharing it.

  4. Your pictures are always beautiful to me. If only I could photograph like you! :) Merci Beaucoup for sharing that video. I enjoyed it tremendously.

  5. what an amazing video to show off her work. I am coveting your earring tree.

  6. I firstly fell in love with your earring holders - and then I watched the video - fabulous!

  7. MJ - pretty wild video - or rather the wild work that ANU does - and I recognised your jewellery stand. You are right though creating the pieces is often the fun part - there is all the follow through - still it is always good to see the work getting out there. Go well. B

  8. i can where you find inspiration.. you both share a deep spiritual and zen like connection to your work (although i hope you tie your hair back when working with a torch)..
    someday i would like to have the time to work more in metal + fiber..
    hope all is well with you xo

  9. Very wonderful video~I love her artistry and respect for her ancestors. So enjoyed it! Thank you~


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