23 April 2012

earth day work

leaf earrings in brass - 2012

leaves with heavy verdigris application - 2012

the day was spent making leaves in different shapes, colors and sizes... 

we had some very much needed rain

and saw 'chimpanzee' at the movies... 


  1. Your photos are works of art themselves. You make it apparent that your work is meditative. Beautiful.
    xoxo Kim

  2. really enjoy your blog and your leaf earrings are gorgeous.
    Your photos are beautiful.

  3. your creations are beautiful, your words soothing. happy day to you!

  4. I'm 'hooked' on leaf earrings Maire. Have a couple of Barry Smith pairs, and love yours.

  5. Your leaves make me feel good just looking at them...imagine what they could do adorning earlobes? Magic!

  6. MJ - beautiful work - love the 'colour' highlights you are giving the pieces. B

  7. The beauty of these is that you have captured the true essence of a living leaf-- no perfect edges, a balance between newly unfolded and already fading and returning to the earth. I know that every edge is considered and thought about-- and it shows. A true tribute to our Mother.

  8. the leaves make wonderful earrings! I am so excited!

  9. Beautiful MJ- as always, stunning. xoxo Riki

  10. Oh, I can't tell you how excited I am to be able to touch more of your leaves and petals!
    My Maire Dodd Collection is kept on my nightstand, even if I can't wear jewelry that day, I get to see and feel your spirit daily.

  11. Mary Jane- the leaf earrings are out of this world. Your creations make me almost giddy! You put your heart and soul into the pieces that you create-- and it shows!



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