16 April 2012

tap, tap, tap

small brass leaf beginnings 2012

the universe caught me off guard this morning while i was sitting at my bench...

like many of you, i am used to the tap on the shoulder (or between the eyes if i am being revisited) that lets me know i have perhaps veered from the path or should be paying attention because something not so ideal is occurring and i need to wake up... 

small brass leaf beginnings 2012

but this time, as tears welled up from deep inside of me, i realized i was being asked to pay attention because i was perhaps on to something... that i was beginning to really do the things i hoped to do... 

i was asked to make these leaves for a project that will help to raise money to build a children's hospital in west virginia... my youngest child was born at 23 weeks prematurity (4months early) weighing just over a pound... there were many surgeries, three years with a trach and respiratory support at home and other challenges... for us, the children's hospital of philadelphia is a home away from home - still... and when i was asked to use the word 'hope' it took me back to those first years... chop's motto is 'hope lives here.'

using words in my work causes me to be very selective - there are many that have become trite...

 i hadn't used 'hope' in years... 

but this couldn't have been more perfect... 

a couple of weeks ago i was asked to make a number of my petals for use as pendants...

petals 2012

these are for women moving through a domestic violence program... 

two causes that couldn't be closer to my heart... 

not too long ago i was musing on how i could really just make petals & leaves all day... (each form has its own meaning for me... ) i work them in a neck & shoulder-achingly gentle way... the challenge of keeping the form soft and delicate with a hard material is one i love... 

and people seem to be connecting to them... 

a personal aesthetic has emerged that seeks out simplicity that is packed with substance... it is something i think about and strive for... 

(and this post is feeling long-winded)

it was just such a wonderful feeling - having a moment of mindfulness where i realized that some meaningful things are falling into place... 

and i am oh, so, grateful... 


  1. Not a long-winded post - at least not compared with mine!

    And wonderful leaf project... and all that is "falling into place" - a rather
    autumnal, leafy thing to say, I think!!

  2. What a blessing, to have your work selected to benefit something so near and dear to your heart.

  3. Its a sort of full circle, don't you think? The Universe has brought you back to use your talent to help those who are where you were.
    xx, Carol

    1. Thank you for this thoughtful post, I enjoyed reading it very much. It's electrifying when the separate strands come together and something that wasn't obvious becomes so. I'm happy for you - it's a happy post, not a long-winded one...

  4. Breath taking in their honest deep felt manifestation of hope. Hope is not a word to shy away from. It is really at the core of existence in a happy life. I will never get enough of my favorite manta 'Om mani padre hum.' Beautiful.

  5. Oh, the Universe has scooped you up in a beautifully warm embrace. That's so very sweet.

  6. What greater gift can we receive from the universe - than to have what we love to do go out into the world to help those whose situation we feel deeply about?
    I don't think the universe was tapping on your shoulder - I think she was kissing your cheek...

  7. Mary Jane, you touched my heart with your post. I can relate to your words!!! I am so happy that your work makes the world a better place - and it does. Hope is my favorite word - without hope we can not go on. Bless you dear - I hope you will have earrings leafs with hope for us to buy... Take care and keep creating!!

  8. MJ-such a gift to be able to use one's creative skills to not only 'think and feel through' issues that are close to you; but also to be able to make meaning filled pieces that will contribute to the people and causes in a practical way. I am glad for you. Go well. B

  9. It looks like grateful is turning to grace.
    xoxo Kim

  10. what a wonderful spark ! To give parents hope and transmit that to the child so he/she will thrive! Shanti indeed. xx

  11. You - long winded? Never. I am grateful for you, and for your gratitude.

  12. I couldn't think of a better person for this project. I know you will put hope, and love, into each and every one of those pendants. You will be helping in both a tangible and spiritual way.

  13. Your leaves are amazing!!! I love that you are creating for such great causes as well. 4 months early with your youngest, oh my goodness how scary! I guess experiences like that can only make us stronger. Thank you so much for sharing about Emily's allergies with me. We now have 2 epipen. I really hope I don't have to use them... it scares me.

  14. What a beautiful realisation to have- that this is what you are meant to do. Moving post.

  15. There is a leaf on prominent display here, a leaf I cannot wait to tell my son about when he'll understand.
    You are a blessing.

  16. MJ - never a ramble. I too love the softness and fragility, the gentleness that can appear from something so hard and tough as metal - and those (like you) who work it to create that sense have a great gift. Very special to have petals and leaves and words going where they are going, where they are meant to be; and with you doing what you are meant o be doing. Perfect.

  17. Such a touching post Mary Jane. A gift to those who read it.

  18. I love the inscriptions bit...maybe we could wear inspiring words on our days of happiness or depression...very meaningful jewellery.Silver Charm Bracelet


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